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ZEUXIS Innovations Limited

Company Profile

Zeuxis Innovations Ltd operates the Innovation & Technology Management Centre. Zeuxis is specialised in project finance services and technical assistance, for European, research and other development Programmes and Technology brokerage services for manufacturing industries. Since 2003 offers also business management consulting services: feasibility studies, business plans, organisation of business structures and processes, human resource management systems, and corporate finance services (business valuations & sales) as well as specialised Training (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Promotion of Exports, EU Funding, Youth Employability).

What we are interested in
We are particularly interested in research and consulting projects regarding innovation & technology management, SME’s management, technology transfer and development of the manufacturing industry sector.

What we can offer

  • Experience of our personnel in managing European projects at the Cyprus Institute of Technology and the Cyprus Innovation Relay Centre (IRC).
  • Close links with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, the Research Promotion Foundation, the Cyprus Youth Board, the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration and other government departments.
  • Knowledge and contacts with over 200 businesses in the manufacturing & services sector to conduct research and disseminate the results to them.