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What is our experience

EU Lifelong Learning Programme (2009-2011)

  • Co-ordinators in project “AMBIANCE - Ambitious Challenge: Active Citizens of Europe”. This Grundtvig Partnership addressed the issue of Active Citizenship. The partner institutions from Cyprus, U.K., Slovenia, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Romania and Poland worked together over a two year period developing and piloting an innovative trivia board game in ‘Active European Citizenship’ which is one of the first of its kind in Europe.
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  • Partners in project “Developing the professional skills of the future sports instructors in accordance with the EQF”. This Leonardo Partnership aims at improving the theoretical and practical education of the sports instructors. The partners analysed the national qualification frameworks of Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus to determine the professional standards of the sports instructors they have in common, the schooling and certification procedures, as well as the technical vocabulary sports instructors should possess.

  • Partners (Argus) in project “CULT - Best Practice of Intercultural Trainings”. This Grundtvig Partnership focused on best practice samples of intercultural trainings within the partner countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus. The national reports on intercultural trainings are compared and best practice samples are presented in a booklet.

EU Programme EQUAL (2006-2007)

  • Partners in project “Youth Employability Promotion Network”. The project promoted by the Cyprus Youth Board along with other 8 partners aims at the integration of young people aged 18-35 years in the labour market, with special focus in disadvantaged groups of young people. Duration of project: 2006-2008.

EU programme Leonardo Da Vinci (2005-2008)

  • Partners in project “COMPETE – Competitiveness through Exporting: E-training for Trade Experts” aims to design and create an e-training platform for enabling on-line training and learning of Export Managers by capturing the existing experiences and knowledge of export experts through transnational research and networks of users. Duration of project: 2005-2007.
  • Partners in project “STREAM - Strategic Training for Recruitment & Retention of Employees and Managers” identifies best practice organisations in the hospitality sector in Ireland, UK, Greece, Cyprus and Slovakia. Products include a multimedia CD/DVD, video documentary and training products. The project aims to develop training materials that will assist managers to improve their HR practices in attracting, recruiting and retaining employees and managers in the hospitality sector. Duration: 2003-2005.